Poking Around in Patrick O'Dell's Garage

He’s best known for making Epicly Later’d, the documentary series about pro skateboarders that’s been running for 11 years now. It’s probably been so successful because it takes such an unflinching look into the reality of skaters’ lives without skimming over the dark shit. Instead of the easy questions and uplifting music you see in a lot of branded content these days, O’Dell has generally taken a more upfront stance to his storytelling.

Todd Francis Makes Art For Antihero Skateboards

From pigeons watching porn to dogs attacking cops, there’s definitely an animals-vs-humans motif that can be seen throughout Todd’s art. The Venice Beach native is best known for having illustrated the eagle logo that has become synonymous with Antihero Skateboards. Todd’s work is by no means safe, rather it’s provocative and controversial—not in a particularly avant-garde or pretentious way, but in a way that forces you to interpret the meaning of it.

How To Build A Skate Scene from Scratch

While Bali’s skate scene is probably healthier than ever, it wasn’t long ago that skateboarding was really difficult here. Back in 2004, the only place in Bali that stocked skateboards was a surf shop in Kuta and they were pretty expensive. Afandy decided to take things into his own hands: “I thought I’d try ordering 10 boards [from China] and I just sold them to my friends,” he says. “The quality was pretty good so those 10 boards turned into 20 and then 40 and so on.” This was Afandy’s first foray into the skate industry and the natural beginning of what would later become Motion Skateboards.

The Highs and Lows of Street Skating in Tokyo

When it comes to spots, Tokyo is probably up there with the well-established skate meccas of the modern world—places like Barcelona, Guangzhou and San Francisco. But while there’s an abundance of knee-high rails, perfect marble ledges and bicycle ramps at the edge of every stair-set, it’s not an easy place to get tricks. Whether you’re filming for a pro part or your next Instagram story, getting footage in the streets of Tokyo is damn hard work.

Skaters Might Be Athletes, But Sometimes They Still Drink Their Own Piss

In the world of elite sports, smoking bongs, getting shitty tattoos, and drinking your own urine is unusual. But then skateboarding has always been a bit different. Most skaters still don't even consider what they do as a sport, and any gronk or grandma can tell you that there's nothing elite about it. Thrasher magazine's King of the Road competition is a perfect example of how pro skaters shirk the idea of being a role model.
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