Aggressive Punk Shows and Internet Comedy

There were about ten bedrooms, a cockroach infestation and a permanent array of hallway junk. Chris had already packed up and moved to Melbourne by the time I moved in, but on the bathroom wall remained a framed, lead pencil portrait of him on a coin, with the words ‘One Penney, In Chris We Trust’. I often wondered about this character. Not long after moving in, I went to see the five-piece Melbourne punk band Mesa Cosa play at a nearby pub. Within a couple of songs, one of the singers attempte

Mini Skirt: Hard Yakka and Social Commentary in Byron Bay

This is Mini Skirt, the garage punk band who formed in Byron Bay and popped onto the radar about a year ago with their song ‘Dying Majority’. It’s raw and catchy and lyrically clever; a punk tune that criticises older Aussie blokes who still cling to racist ideas. “I don’t care if they grew up in a different time / They still manage to learn the names of every new player in the NRL / So old dogs can still learn new tricks."

Paul Kelly Talks Regular Jobs, Indigenous Activism and His 24th Studio Album

In his 1985 folk-ballad, ‘From St Kilda to Kings Cross’, Kelly lamented that the journey took “14 hours on a bus”, but today he caught a plane from Tullamarine. He arrives at the EMI building in a dark green suit with one guitar and a small suitcase, greeting his label rep with chivalry and gratitude, and accepting a cup of tea. Kelly is 63-years-old, has just recorded his twenty-fourth album and has been performing music for 44 years.

The Gooch Palms Talk Relentless Touring and Chasing Aliens in Texas

In 2015, Leroy and Kat reckon they played about 130 gigs. Schedules don’t get much heavier than that for touring musicians, especially since they were doing everything DIY. This meant the two-piece were booking and managing their own tours, making and selling their own merch, doing their own PR and doing a shit-load of driving. It was a lifestyle of highways, hotels and roadside diners punctuated by high-energy live shows. Two years later, the workload caught up with Leroy. “I lost my shit in Bordeaux in France, on tour,” Leroy laughs.

Dumb Punts Talk Tuck Shops, Violent Seccies and New Album

Dumb Punts' brand of raw garage rock is as Aussie as VB tins or double-pluggers; it sounds like it was recorded in a sweaty, beer-soaked garage by a group of best mates. Punts’ lyrics are decidedly everyday and yet irreverent, with song titles about goon, getting pissed on and shredding Croydon skatepark. Their best-known song is “Chiller”, a twangy, slower rock and roll number from 2015’s Coupla Couplas that has become a bit of a pub anthem.

Pist Idiots Are On Their Very Best Behaviour

Sniff’s lyrics are a big part of Pist Idiots’ appeal. Somehow he manages to be funny, vulnerable and tough all at the same time. In a single song he’s joking about “bein’ high and gettin’ head”, then complaining about being “overworked and underpaid”, then revealing his tendency to drink and overeat. It’s quite a sight: a big bloke with a guitar and a solid voice, revealing these deeply personal and honest details about his life. He meshes vulnerable and masculine in a unique way.

Totally Unicorn Are Still Hungover, Overweight and Ready to Party

Picture five dudes in various states of undress, wildly thrashing around on a stage, sweating bullets, swilling beer and screaming. As you might expect from that description, they play a fierce brand of metalcore. Uniquely though, their hairy, beer-gutted singer, Drew Gardner, is most likely wearing nothing but tie-dyed underwear, sporting an ensemble of coloured streamers and, depending on the venue, running around offstage, pushing into people and looking for things to climb.