Instagrammers Are Getting Scammed by a Mysterious 'Con Queen'

Carley Rudd is a photographer from Maine with 60K Instagram followers. She’s a self-described “digital nomad,” meaning she’s self-employed, travels a lot, and occasionally plugs brands via social media in exchange for free stuff. She says it’s a gig that looks pretty glamorous from the outside but one that also involves a lot of “hustle” and “grind.” She also says that it was precisely these factors that made her susceptible to being scammed out of almost US$16,000.

Aggressive Punk Shows and Internet Comedy

There were about ten bedrooms, a cockroach infestation and a permanent array of hallway junk. Chris had already packed up and moved to Melbourne by the time I moved in, but on the bathroom wall remained a framed, lead pencil portrait of him on a coin, with the words ‘One Penney, In Chris We Trust’. I often wondered about this character. Not long after moving in, I went to see the five-piece Melbourne punk band Mesa Cosa play at a nearby pub. Within a couple of songs, one of the singers attempte

Is Living in a Tiny House Something People Actually Enjoy?

Over the last five years, there’s been a lot of talk about tiny houses. You'll know them as those kitschy little cabins that can be knocked up for cheap and moved about on trailers. Stories about tiny houses tend to dwell on their affordability, ecological sustainability, and the minimalist lifestyle that they entail. There’s even some hope that they represent a solution to Australia’s housing affordability crisis. But what’s it like to actually live in one?
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